Timeliness & Transparency Increases for Assessor’s Office

Case Study


The county assessor’s office in North Carolina must evaluate more than 370,000 parcels of real estate. Its mailroom was buried in paperwork. With a revaluation year upcoming, the office proactively worked with FileSolve to enhance their current process.

The Problem

With 2019, a property revaluation year, this county assessor’s office (CAO) had to communicate with hundreds of thousands of residential and business property owners in a timely manner. Plus, they needed to be able to efficiently process any appeals in order to meet set deadlines — sounds like a lot to handle. 

All of this meant masses of mail, but the CAO’s mailroom was already three to four months behind in processing all of the paperwork. Plus, assessments might come back as undeliverable. Appeals could arrive daily. And there was no tracking system in place. The paper process meant documents could get lost or not get handled in a timely manner.

The Solution

We had our FileSolve experts visit the CAO mailroom to learn more about what kind of documents were incoming and outgoing, who was handling what, and where the mail should be going and when. We were able to evaluate and learn by leveraging our gap analysis and customize a solution to best suit the CAO’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to determining a plan for any business.

As a result, FileSolve team took over the mailroom services for the client. The mail now arrives to our, FileSolve facility via a locked van from the United States Post Office. Once inside our secured facility, the mail is opened and prepped for scanning. Don’t worry — we make sure documents are transported with the utmost security. After Quality Control (QC) verifies that the scans are legible, upright, complete, and easy to read, a QC analyst goes through that item of mail to determine how the document should be filed and where. 

FileSolve’s mail scanning solution:

  • Reduced the labor associated with the paper-driven process

  • Minimized turnaround time by automating workflow

  • Improved visibility into incoming mail

  • Enhanced the CAO’s customer experience by enabling prompter service

County assessor's office

More than 500-2,000 Pieces of Mail Monthly

“We did a bunch of training with their subject matter experts to understand all the mail they received, what kind of documents there were, and how to index it.”

— Karen Ruff, Director of Operations

The Outcome

For the Final Outcome, download the full case study!