The FileSolve Way

Partners in your quest for a happy workflow.

It’s one thing to know you need a fresh look at your processes and systems to keep your business running smoothly — it’s another to know what that entails.

And that’s okay if you don’t have all the answers. Solving the challenges of business optimization and automation is something we have plenty of experience with, and we’re happy to partner with you to find the right solution for you.

The FileSolve Way is our proven four-part process to ensure whatever changes you make to the way your business runs — especially around digitizing content and building a system to manage it — work in real life, not just in theory.

Here's How it Works

Our Process:

Gap Analysis
The first step we always take is to conduct a gap analysis — an examination and assessment of your current situation, and your ideal future state. The gap analysis is complimentary, and the benefit is two-fold: it lowers the risk because there’s no wasted money with a consultation on your end, and it frames the problem and solutions very clearly for all decision-makers to see
Prototype Review Process
If you like what you see after the gap analysis and want to move forward with working together, a prototype review process is the next step. What we work on together is going to revolutionize your operations, so we never want to bring you a ready-made solution. Over a series of two-week work sprints, we bring you an initial idea for your system based on the information we collected during the gap analysis — and we iterate, tweak, and design the next versions based on your feedback
The System Build
Here’s where the fun starts. Because we’ve gone through several reviews and iterations together as a team, by the time we start building, we’re in lock-step on the challenges, solutions, design, and functionality the system needs to have. This makes all the up-front time we’ve spent together conceptualizing more than worth it
Testing, Training, and Support
After we’re done creating the system, we still need to make sure it works for the people who will be asked to use it. Just like in software development, we go through a rigorous round of user acceptance testing to make sure the software can handle all of the real-world scenarios we’ve specified. When that’s complete, we train teams on the new system, and offer ongoing support to make sure everyone feels comfortable

A happy workflow can only happen when you think a process all the way through — and The FileSolve way is our way of doing exactly that.

The FileSolve Way in Action

Using The FileSolve Way, we’ve worked with companies and departments of all kinds to introduce new business processes and automation systems that reduce turnaround time, create efficiencies, save money, and increase both employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Here are two of our recent projects:

Bringing New Life to EMS Agency’s Purchase Order Process

Timeliness & Transparency Increases for Assessor’s Office