The Right Tools for the Right Job – ECM in Action
FileSolve believes in the power of Enterprise Content Management to make a real difference for your workflow processes. With that in mind, FileSolve genuinely believes that organizations will be better able to utilize their system if they understand the capabilities and envision the possibilities. The FileSolve continuous ECM training and other education options include the following components:

  • Local ECM training conferences
  • On-site strategic planning and education
  • National ECM user conferences
  • National ECM technical conferences
  • Individual Certification classroom courses
  • Individual Certification online courses
  • On-site custom training classes
  • On-demand self-paced training

Training Course Offerings
The following list of courses is a small sample of the courses offered:

  • System Administration (prerequisite to all other courses)
  • Advanced System Administration
  • Introduction to Workflow (prerequisite to other Workflow courses)
  • Workflow Design
  • Web Server
  • API Training

Hyland Community Website
Hyland, creator of OnBase, has created an online user community website where you can find information and answers to most questions you have regarding OnBase (newsletters, product blogs, resources, user groups, etc.). You may request your login information to access Hyland’s user site once you officially receive your software. To do so, simply have your users click on the link above and register.

Hyland, creator of OnBase, offers free self-paced mini training courses. These web-based training courses are available online at, and can be accessed any time. You will use the same login as your Hyland Community, which you can register for once you officially receive your software.

FileSolve Annual Conferences (ECM Training Conference)
As a FileSolve customer, your organization is entitled to complimentary attendance at our annual ECM Conference, held in Charlotte, NC. Our nationally recognized educational conference brings together customers, end-users, vendor partners, invited prospects, and FileSolve resources to discuss industry trends, learn about new solution offerings, and recognize how to best leverage current investments in content management technologies. The annual conference focuses on critical business issues, case studies, and solution/industry-focused educational sessions designed to bring increased value to your organization by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

OnBase Community Live (formerly OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC))
Hyland’s OnBase Community Live is a 3-5 day educational event designed to stretch your imagination to the limits as customer executives, OnBase document management experts and users from around the globe gather to demonstrate how to achieve more with your system, network with other like organizations using OnBase, and how you can be the technology leader in your industry with the latest and greatest OnBase upgrades and enhancements. OTTC offers the following benefits: • Industry Expert Led Discussions Focused on Best Practices & Areas of Concern (VOGUE) • 100+ Educational Sessions & Training Courses Offered • Over 1,500 Attendees to Share Best Practices • Compelling Keynote Speakers & Networking Events OnBase TechQuest Training Conference Hyland’s TechQuest Training Conference is a week-long technical focused educational event that provides your technical resources hands-on, focused training sessions designed to develop and refine your OnBase knowledge with Hyland’s Technical Teams. From Workflow to OnBase Development to Solution Design, all OnBase Professionals are welcome.