Thrive In a Digital World

Our solutions fully integrate with all of the leading practice management systems. You can use our healthcare information management modules together as one seamless, synergistic package or individually as your needs and budget determine. Whether you have a complete EMR/EHR or are in the process of transitioning to a paperless electronic health record environment, we help you take control of your information and put it to work for you. Your new reality of reducing costs, eliminating errors, achieving meaningful use, better outcomes and speeding cash flow begins with us.

We put you in control, helping you thrive in a world of digital transformation.

RCM Code – Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Improving cash flow and simplifying the complex

Improve the continuity of care and reduce your overall billing cycle with RCM Coding. Our HIPAA-compliant healthcare information management for electronic health records system gives your coders faster access to content, manages your coding functions and automatically distributes work to coders based on their skills and availability. Our system integrates with leading practice management systems and our easy-to-use dashboard gives you complete visibility across locations and throughout staff shifts.

Harness the power of Revenue Cycle Analytics to mine your data and optimize your patient and financial decisions. We help you take a deep dive and identify trends across disciplines with financial ramifications for your entire organization.

A few of the benefits of RCM coding include:

  • Real-time data capture across all locations – 24/7
  • Straight-through claims processing
  • Reduced coding errors and denials
  • Improved collection rates

  • Help with ICD-10 readiness

ECM – Healthcare Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Connecting it all together

Saying that ECM is only for scanning, storing and retrieving documents is like saying your smartphone can only be used to make a phone call. In fact, ECM has always been about the data and how easily you can access and use that data. In healthcare, your patient data, employee data and financial data is everything.

FileSolve’s ECM is an enterprise-wide, transactional content and workflow tool for electronic health records. We capture photos from mobile applications, radiology images, scanned patient documents, electronic forms and signatures and tie these records to your MR – creating a complete patient profile. We provide access to the records from within any practice management system, allowing your healthcare professionals the flexibility to work in a single interface and return all critical information in an instant. Our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) allows all data to interact between systems, minimizing touchpoints and simplifying every process. We also fully integrate with all of the leading MR practice management systems.

Lockbox – Healthcare Lockbox Solutions

Puts cash in your bank sooner.

Administrative costs of reconciling complex EOBs and medical claims account for up to 40% of healthcare costs. Healthcare Lockbox can dramatically reduce that cost by automatically processing and reconciling complex healthcare payments.
The lockbox provides 24-hour turnaround time with all of your billing and payment processing including:

  • Conversion of paper EOBs to one standard virtual EOB formatted image
  • Paper EOB and check data conversion to electronic 835 posting files
  • Re-association of EFT/ACH or check payments with ERA remittance files
  • Automated workflow for denial and remark code processing
  • Automated reporting function to simplify accounting practices

FileSolve’s RCM Lockbox gives you a new way to automatically process and reconcile your payments and take control of your cash flow. Our lockbox platform takes the pain out of getting paid. That’s powerful, because having to wait too long for payments to hit your account can diminish even the healthiest bottom line. Not only do you save money, you meet the requirements of the Administrative Simplification component of the Affordable Care Act.

CAPTURE – Healthcare Capture Solutions

Storing it and making it all accessible

Of course, we also offer scanning and data extraction – both at the point-of-care and for historical paper charts – in our Document Automation Factory.™

Our remote and mobile scanning solutions provide document capture at the point-of-care – at registration, bedside, or before a procedure. Documents are then stored securely in one central location and can be accessed electronically and instantaneously. FileSolve’s scanning solution makes electronic images of your discharged patients’ paper charts available in support of billing and HIM functions.

Backfile Conversions
FileSolve allows you to easily convert historical paper charts into an electronic format and insert it into your EHR. Microfilm and microfiche collections can also be easily and painlessly converted.

Our Healthcare Information Management and ECM solutions revolutionize these areas for you:

Patient Registration
Our front office solution streamlines the capture of patient information, creates a single searchable record and simplifies the storage into the document repository and into the electronic health record. Documents include patient consent forms, HIPAA forms, driver’s licenses and insurance cards. Forms can be electronically presented to the patient on a tablet/iPad for electronic signature, removing the time needed to scan or index the paper documents.

HIM Clinical Areas
FileSolve’s ECM software options allow you to create a complete patient record in your EHR that can securely follow the patient throughout his or her health lifecycle. Documents, test results, x-rays, EKG readouts and more are stored and easily utilized. Physicians can easily access the entire patient record electronically and integrate their signatures with the EHR in a single place. Our healthcare information management for electronic health records fully supports back-end solutions for the physician and staff, such as combining data-centric and scanned content to produce highly accurate ROI forms for the patient.

EOB and Patient Finances
Routing all of the EOBs that come into your facility is a snap. Our system scans and routes the EOB and extracts detailed information from the EOB to powerfully integrate with your practice management system for billing and other electronic processes.

FileSolve’s ECM system can handle the entire lifecycle of patient records while integrating with EHRs to create meaningful, actionable and accurate data to both the patient and hospital.

ROI – Healthcare Release of Information Solutions

Gain control of ROI with a new approach.

Release of information is time-consuming, costly and sensitive. FileSolve’s ROI system is cost effective and easy to use. We trim a detailed, mega-step process into just a few clicks of a mouse and transform a financial and time drain into a profit center by helping you collect the revenue on the billing.

FileSolve offers several flexible options for ROI:

  • In-House – We provide tools that allow your staff to fulfill records requests using our secure system.
  • Remote Access – You give us remote access to your healthcare records and we handle the entire process in our Document Automation Factory™.
  • Full-Service – We handle and monitor the entire process, relieving your staff of the minute details, including requestor billing.

Our healthcare information management technology and processes are HIPAA-compliant and utilize high-tech quality controls to digitally capture your sensitive patient information and store it in a secure, cloud-based SaaS application. Your records are secure and safe from unauthorized disclosures or potential breaches.

Document Automation Factory

Solutions Powered by Document Automation Factory™

In today’s electronic healthcare environment, information delays and errors cost money and create risk. Our reliable, low-cost approach to information governance and processing help HIMs reduce costs and improve cash flow, getting you back to providing patient-focused healthcare and managing your business.

We carefully recruited the best people, then equipped and designed complex, high-end, automated architecture to give you a simple, compliant, easy-to-use solution. Our behind-the-scenes, high-tech production facility provides dramatically less paper-based distractions in your office. Our Document Automation Factory™ delivers accurate, business-critical information into EHR and ERP systems reliably and cost effectively.