K-12 Bridge

K-12 Gap
Spanning the Gap Between Teachers and Administration

The administrative software programs used in today’s schools are varied. There can sometimes be as many as eight or 10 utilized within a single county system. Imagine for a moment that there existed a solution that allowed your staff to update teacher contracts, manage extended contract details, master incident management tracking, and simplify the onboarding and orientation process for new hires. Now, there’s a smooth, integrated answer to your biggest challenges. Today, there’s FileSolve’s K-12 BRIDGE — a solution that makes the grade.

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Many school systems require its teachers to sign one-year contracts on an annual basis. Teachers can often have only a matter of days to review and sign these important documents. When the total teachers in a particular system can number in the thousands, administrative staff needs a way to not only monitor the status of those outstanding contracts, but quickly update their contents, send update communications, verify salary levels, and more.

Our Teacher Contract Management solution allows…

  • Updating of contracts for monetary terms and verbiage, assuring compliance before distribution
  • Mass contract distribution to entire faculty
  • Dashboard tracking of open/acceptance/decline rate
  • Notification to teachers who have yet to take action
  • Faculty can access/sign contracts from any device

Easy editing beforehand, accurate and timely delivery, simple monitoring, and immediate updating yield a faster avenue to complete tasks. Similar management is available for non-teaching staff, as well.

As an extension of their employment as educators, many teachers opt to do more for their schools. Whether it’s starting an after-school program, pursuing tutoring opportunities or some other passion project, there are always ways to augment their core function. Since the origin of these programs must be pursued through the school system as well, there are a number of steps involved.

Our Extended Employment Contracts solution allows…

  • Automated end-t0-end process management and visibility (e.g., proposals; requests; timesheet tracking; pay scale calculations)
  • Superior user experience (e.g., access from any interface; e-signatures)
  • Visibility throughout the process (e.g., dashboard reporting, exception notification
  • Automated reminders throughout the process (e.g., expenses, participation)
  • Online information collection tools (e.g., community need assessment, student preference survey, current program mapping)

The desire to “do more” is what extended employment is all about for today’s teachers. Being able to effectively track the fruits of those efforts offers convenience, organization and a higher rate of success.

School administrators strive to develop and sustain leaders who have vision and passion for student and employee success. With that in mind, it only makes sense that they have easy-to-access tools with the process flexibility to clearly identify effective personnel and those needing assistance in the area of student behavior reporting and intervention management.

Our Incident Management solution allows…

  • Incident type tracking, allowing you to drill down into the data
  • Central dashboard to quickly see the status of all incidents or trace the path of particular students
  • Intervention management, including follow-up with teachers, parents, district personnel and community members if need be

The interpersonal nature of teaching demands open, honest communication. Incident management allows for administrators to work with instructors to enhance the educational and personal experience for staff and students.

The collection and maintenance of information about employees is vital to the functioning of every school system, no matter its size. Keeping all that pertinent information properly updated, organized and accessible is critical for a number of reasons. Imagine being able to capture and store employee files electronically whether they’re scanned, faxed or emailed.

Our Employee File Management solution allows…

  • Document retrieval without leaving ERPs, HRIS, or HCM systems
  • Instant determination of compliance standing with real-time reporting
  • Effective document retention in accordance with local, state or federal employment policies.

Welcoming new team members is always an exciting time. During the transition, there’s a lot of information to be conveyed, collected, and coordinated. Especially in metropolitan school systems where employee volumes are high, making certain that communication is complete and comprehensive is an important part of the process.

Our On-boarding and Virtual Orientation solution allows…

  • Staff to easily track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments
  • Improve the service Human Resources provides to new employees, ensuring they are ready for work on Day One
  • Provides a holistic view of all related information in a single location

The right information, at the right time, delivered to the right people in the right location. All of that becomes possible when you embrace FileSolve’s K-12 Bridge.