Government exists to serve and protect its citizens. Response times can mean the difference between life or death, hungry or full, safe or at-risk. Response times are directly correlated with real-time access to information. Paper-based information is expensive, bulky, wasteful, and can be lost. Digital information, in contrast, is more convenient, efficient, accessible and secure. Every file contains a unique, irreplaceable story. Our government document management solutions provide agencies with the ability to more easily access and use the information stored in these files, helping them better serve their constituents.

President Obama issued a mandate in 2011 that all federal agencies go digital by 2019. Are you ready for the echo effects of this mandate? With various Business Process Outsourcing, ECM, and government document management solutions, FileSolve can help local and state agencies cost-effectively streamline their critical public services.


Operational Processes Automate contract management, accounts payable and human resources processes, and more.
Case Management Provide case workers with remote access to complete case files, no matter where the employee or the file is located. Our ECM solutions also help improve revenue generation by enabling electronic review issuance and managing of all permits.
Freedom of Info Requests Maintain information transparency and security by quickly responding to public information requests.

Use cases include:


  • Fileroom Management
  • Backfile Scan-on-Demand
  • Mailroom Outsourcing


Finance & Administration Solutions

  • Agenda Management
  • Contract Management
  • Public Records Management

Health & Human Services Solutions

  • Case Management
  • Documentation and Compliance
  • Policy and Procedure Administration

Public Education

  • Admissions
  • Transcript Processing
  • Personnel Records

Justice and Public Safety Solutions

  • Court Case Management
  • Evidence Management
  • Incident Management

Planning and Public Works Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Electronic Plan Review (ePlan)

Government employees are the custodians of the public trust. Respect and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Our government document management solutions give agencies of every size the opportunity to gather all their paper and electronic documentation into one central place. Whether it’s stored on an in-house server or off-site, that collected information then allows those agencies to easily access that data from whatever internal system they may be using.

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