Everything in one place

When it comes to contract lifecycle management, employing an ECM solution allows you to do a number of things…

  • Store all contracts securely while providing easy access for those who require it
  • Track all changes made on said contracts, helping you adhere to document compliance and reduce audit time
  • Increase process transparency, identifying status, possible process slowdowns and identifying hitherto unknown difficulties in content or process

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solutions make it easy to keep track of the details, so everyone can focus on the deal. Imagine having one large, comprehensive view of all pertinent information, tasks, activities and correspondence. This convenience increases productivity by eliminating the need to jump between multiple applications, spreadsheets or shared files.

We give managers access to graphical dashboards of work they oversee – displayed by contract type, status or staff assigned. A calendar view of contracts (by due date and expiration) also provide a clear picture of upcoming work. This allows supervisors to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks, balance workloads and prioritize the order of contract processing – supporting continuous improvement.

FileSolve’s contract lifecycle management solutions give you the ability to automate predictable steps, making it easy for your people to complete knowledge-driven work.

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