Share, send, store — securely.

Every day your business needs to share, send, and store data, documents, digital media or multimedia files. The file sharing of old has evolved to help enterprise employees:

  • Secure file sharing with unlimited collaborators
  • Sync data and documents across multiple devices
  • Permit role-based access to colleagues and clients
  • Revoke access when necessary
  • Streamline file organization to their unique needs
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Track all revisions, file versions, and ownership transfers
  • Keep documents and files private until they’re ready to be shared
  • Avoid file or folder size limitations
  • Remain in line with current industry regulations and compliance standards

Streamline processes

Enable collaboration

Optimize information exchange

Advantages of File Sharing Capabilities

Share files effectively while maintaining a high level of security. Send files of any size, and work anywhere, with file sharing offering:

  • Enhanced productivity via intuitive features for users
  • Ability to set parameters for file access — public, private, shared, permission required
  • Flexible file management to help business run more efficiently
  • Increased access to information, on any device
  • Easy integration with other workflow management tools
  • Real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Encryption, watermarking, permission and auditing security tools
  • A simple way to avoid email overload with the ability to track, sign, monitor, get feedback and more

Enjoy fast and reliable Secure File Sharing with FileSolve