Adding Value to What Your People Do

Few employees actually enjoy the repetition of data entry and other manual tasks they face in their day to day at work. They long to innovate, communicate, collaborate, create and make a real difference. Leveraging Robotic Process Office Automation Systems for accounts payable, receivable and HR lets your employees do what matters most while the Task Automator:

  • Automates manual, rule-based and repetitive tasks to accelerate business processes
  • Integrates information access across all business channels and systems
  • Gathers, synthesizes, validates and analyzes information and data
  • Improves process accuracy with singular, unflagging attention to the task at hand
  • Processes sensitive data while enabling defensible audit trails and providing clear chain of custody
  • Accomplishes the unexciting tasks at work to help improve employee engagement and reduce turnover

Exceed customer expectations

Streamline processes

Empower employee productivity

Advantages of Robotic Process Automation

With Robotic Process Automation, tackling the time-consuming and tedious tasks, your business can better personalize customer interactions, innovate new products and drive revenue generation. Let your people focus on what matters most with OnBase’s Task Automator:

  • Optimizing user experience and process efficiency
  • Freeing up IT resources for higher value initiatives
  • Enabling information acquisition, enhancement and delivery from most business sources
  • Reducing security risks from human involvement with sensitive data
  • Improving utilization of your human capital
  • Orchestrating, monitoring and reporting on all manner of activities
  • Communicating in straightforward situations with users
  • Learning, anticipating and forecasting to improve outcomes and identify the most effective solutions

Take Away the Tedious Tasks with Robotic Process Automation