Driving Productivity and Profitability with Data

Gain a bird’s eye view of your entire organization, or drill down into the minutiae of a particular department’s specific campaign with ease using a reports and dashboards solution. With the ability to customize reporting and configure dashboards to your unique business needs, this OnBase Enterprise Content Management feature enables employees to:

  • Monitor business processes and performances from many different angles
  • Filter, group and display data in customizable reports
  • Develop visual, dynamic displays of unique metrics and trends
  • Improve control of, and access to, information
  • Eliminate aging, expired data from reports or dashboards easily
  • Gain an overview of business productivity and profitability
  • Focus in on particular areas of interest to identify opportunities for improvement or initiatives that should be scaled up
  • Access reporting and dashboards on-the-go through web browsers or mobile devices

Support informed decisions

Advance analysis-based action

Empower employee productivity

Advantages of Reports and Dashboards

With reports and dashboards, your business database management becomes more visible and better organized. Empower personnel to do more with data with these tools to:

  • Increase visibility and simplify access to information
  • Evaluate data to build narratives in reports to stakeholders
  • Clean, sort and parse data to develop comprehensible reports
  • Customize dashboard visuals to dynamically display specific metrics, data, KPIs
  • Develop dashboards that suit different business needs from tracking IT help to investment portfolio activity or from payroll and bonuses to website traffic
  • Run reports without relying on IT availability
  • Control access to reports or dashboards to ensure compliance and security

Know & Do More with Reports and Dashboards