Simplify Form Processes while Increasing Accuracy, Access

Forms management makes a difference to customer or constituent experience, business data collection processes and employee productivity. With the right forms management software solution in place, your business can:

  • Ensure forms reflect business strategy with brand consistency
  • Reduce costs with a paperless system and cut back on duplicative processes
  • Centralize form management to break down information silos across departments
  • Give those filling out forms the ability to submit via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Avoid confusion from overlapping forms and lack of communication among employees
  • Regain time lost locating, completing, filing or managing forms
  • Regularly review for form obsolescence, effectiveness and compliance

Exceed customer expectations

Optimize information exchange

Empower employee productivity

Advantages of Forms Management

Standardize and simplify form development, deployment, support, storage and more with a forms management software solution. Make effective form management a core business advantage with the ability to:

  • Simplify access to organizational forms (for both internal and external audiences)
  • Embed PDF or HTML forms directly on your website for users to complete on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Centralize collection and storage of forms
  • Automate form processing and information flow to the correct parties
  • Capture authentic signatures electronically and securely
  • Make notes or annotations anywhere, immediately
  • Avoid form overload and the related resource costs

Centralize all your forms — securely — with Forms Management.