Retention – Secure Content Storage

Because data recovery, continuity and backup are always issues, we’ve got a comprehensive data storage solution that duplicates your data environment to meet your disaster recovery plans. Consider these questions…

  • How long do you need to store your documents and data?
  • Do you have different requirements for paper versus electronic data?
  • Is in-state storage convenient for your organization?

Secure Data Storage Solutions
To ensure the security of your information, we use industry standard methods such as SSL, HTTPS, file-level encryption and encrypted service fetching. We also integrate our data storage solutions with your existing employee Active Directory System to ensure that any sensitive or confidential electronic content is viewable only by authorized employees. Furthermore, we provide multiple electronic copies of all your documents across multiple servers, domains, firewalls and locations, if this level of data continuity is needed.

Efficient Electronic Information Dissolution
Just as there are risks to not keeping documents long enough, there are similar risks in keeping them too long. Within our data continuity system, you can automatically assign retention criteria to every document, so your document lifespan is managed for you. When you have control, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got all the bases covered.

Once your document enters the system, its static data trail makes it unalterable – until it is automatically destroyed at the appropriate time.

Don’t waste time and resources on what you don’t need. We provide secure, NAID-certified document and file shredding for all of our storage and scanning clients at our HIPAA-compliant facilities.

Maximizing Physical File Storage

Off-Site Storage
Whether you’re looking to reduce on-site space dedicated to physical filing cabinets or are seeking a safe, secure off-site storage option, we can help with file backup services. Along with our off-site storage partners, Access, we recognize that clients are renting warehouse space, not buying. We work with you on data continuity – using people power and innovative software – to develop detailed retention plans for each and every box. Whether those retention rules are set by the government, your organization or together with us, we ensure you keep only what you need – and only as long as you need it.

FileSolve provides a pick-up and delivery service that ensures you have your files when you need them. If you ever need a document even faster than our delivery service allows, we’ll scan it and send it via our secure FTP site.

Safe, Dependable Destruction
Through Access, we provide thorough destruction services when deposition dates arrive, assuring that your information is always kept secure and private. Regular file shredding of physical documents kept in off-site storage offers an opportunity to do several things.

  • Review your information inventory
  • Save the best and discard the rest
  • Update your ECM system with any relevant information
  • Save money by eliminating excess stored materials

At FileSolve, we make the “essential” easy.