Process Automation & Optimization

An ECM solution allows you to improve office automation systems and overall efficiency. Imagine a few examples…

  • Immediately routing documents to the right person automatically
  • Checking agreed-upon thresholds for approval
  • Generating new documents based on input decisions

With an office automation system tailored to your organization’s needs, we can help you re-engineer and optimize your processes, or even build a new one. As an example, consider the benefits of using OnBase ECM with Workflow. With it, you’ll be able to…

  • Route and consolidate all structured (documents) AND unstructured (notes and comments) information correctly
  • Preserve and instantly retrieve all case information for any future need
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and accommodate vacation schedules by balancing the workload among similar job functions
  • Integrate flawlessly with your existing systems without customized coding

More Time for More Important Work
Whether it’s Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or even Human Resources, there are certain document processes and procedures that always happen in the same way. They’re predictable. An office automation system can help speed these processes. Eliminating certain manual tasks not only frees up skilled staff to perform other valuable responsibilities, but lessens the chance of critical errors.

Flexibility is one of the key attributes of our ECM solutions. Even with automated processes, there are times when personal notes, approval explanations, inquiry records and the like need to be kept with certain files. ECM allows for all those pieces of critical information to be correctly associated with their parent files.