Regular purging of physical files kept in off-site storage offers an opportunity to do several things.

  • Review your information inventory
  • Save the best and discard the rest
  • Update your ECM system with any relevant information
  • Save money by eliminating excess stored materials

Just as there are risks to not keeping documents long enough, there are similar risks in keeping them too long. Within our ECM system, you can automatically assign retention criteria to every document, so your document lifespan is managed for you. When you have control, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got all the bases covered.

Once your document enters the system, its static data trail makes it unalterable – until it is automatically destroyed at the appropriate time.

Don’t waste time and resources on what you don’t need. We provide secure, NAID-certified shredding for all of our storage and scanning clients at our HIPAA-compliant facilities.

At FileSolve, we make the “essential” easy.