Capture – File & Document

The first step in putting ECM to work for you is converting all your organization’s collected information into electronic format. Here, you “capture” the data that’s critical to your various workflows.

There are three (3) ways our scanning company can help you with ECM document capture:


Scan-on-Demand You relocate your paper files to our secure off-site facility and only pay us to scan the things you need, when you need them.
Mailroom Document Scanning and Routing We pick up your mail, scan it, extract data and route it to the appropriate people or systems.
Legacy File Scanning We convert all of your paper documents and memos to electronic images. As a result, all your active and inactive files will exist in a consistent electronic format.


Using award-winning advanced ECM document capture software like PSIGEN and AnyDoc, we can deliver a system that captures data from your scanned images and releases that data and the images to your ECM or other business platform. Our scanning company’s advanced capture suites are a terrific front add-on to any ECM document management solution to maximize information extraction and classification – with minimal human intervention.

Capture All Types
To be most effective, an ECM system ought to contain all types of information – be it from physical or electronic files. As importantly, to maintain the integrity of your workflow processes, an ECM system ought to retain those files in their native type or format. This feature in the ECM document capture software allows for future editing on those documents in their original programs, including Word, Excel, CAD and many others.

Capture from Any Location
The right ECM solution allows you to capture high volumes of documents right where you are. The right technology prevents you from having to take your files somewhere other than your place of business to get them scanned.

Automatic Classification
Our scanning company is able to provide multiple, cost-effective options in ECM document capture to help reduce manual entry and classification of information. This saves your people time and lessens the risk of errors.