As those in healthcare know, ensuring that requested PHI is delivered correctly and securely is of paramount concern whether that information is requested by patients, providers, insurance companies or another party legally authorized to view it. For any provider, the most likely opportunity for a HIPAA violation occurs during this process. Why? Well, in part, it’s because 85% of requested health information is transmitted by fax or mail. In this case, “Old School” gets a failing grade.

Release of Information request fulfillment can be a time consuming and inefficient process without the proper technological tools in place. With FileSolve, a connection to the Internet is all you’ll need to utilize our web-based Release of Information solution for Protected Health Information. In no time, you’ll free up your staff’s time to focus on patients, enjoy decreased fulfillment turnaround times, improved patient privacy and strict HIPAA compliance. Our Release of Information solution also allows for tighter processing controls for Protected Health Information and lets you recapture ROI fee-based revenue that used to be lost to third-party service companies, often resulting in a zero dollar outlay.

FileSolve’s ROI+ solution…

  • Allows freedom to choose if redaction labor is outsourced or stays in-house
  • Gets your practice out of the Release of Information fee collection business
  • Has no limit on the number of web users
  • Generates invoices automatically
  • An audit feature which allows you to exceed HIPAA requirements
  • Tracks chain of custody
  • Allows for continuity of care releases
  • Transmissions that use 128-bit encryption
  • Savings on print, packaging, fax, and postage costs
  • Has a proven history of security across a number of industries

The secure transfer of Protected Health Information requires providers to ensure they are using the most up-to-date tools available. FileSolve’s solution verifies with absolute certainty that the Requestor has paid for (if applicable), received, opened and viewed the Release of Information documents. That’s because each Requestor is assigned an account number and a pin number before any access is given. Our Release of Information solution also requires payment before any Protected Health Information document can be viewed. FileSolve’s solution is positioned to be flexible based your labor outsourcing preference.

Security. Savings. Self-access. That’s the FileSolve solution.