Off-site Storage & Management Services

Your records tell the history of your business and hold the key to its future. That’s why you need to have them accessible. With FileSolve’s secure and responsive off-site records storage, you can maintain that accessibility without maintaining your records on-site, saving you space, time and money.

Free Up Space and Time
Take a look at the area where your files are now stored. Imagine for a moment what you could do with that space if those files were stored elsewhere. Now imagine what your staff could be doing if they weren’t fighting with files on a daily basis. With FileSolve’s document storage solutions, you can attain everything you’re imagining simply by storing your files off-site.

Guaranteed Access Whenever You Need It
While many of your archived records require no further use and can easily be stored off-site, from time to time you will have records that you need to access. With FileSolve’s off-site records storage, you’ll have guaranteed access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide a delivery and pick-up service with every document storage solution that ensures you have your files when you need them. If you need a document even faster than our delivery service allows, we’ll scan it and send it via our secure FTP site. Whether you need a regularly scheduled pick-up or drop off or want to have access as needed, our system will work for you.

Secure, Low-Cost Storage Solution
Our off-site records storage services keep your records safe and secure so your sensitive data is never at risk. We also provide a low-cost storage solution so you can maximize your document storage budget. We’ll even provide the boxes if you need them – at a competitive price.

Note: In May of 2017, FileSolve’s off-site records storage business in the Carolina’s region was purchased by Access