Remediating Process of an Environmental Services Company

Case Study


Our client, a 24/7 environmental and emergency response services provider with customers throughout the Eastern United States, had many manual processes slowing down the turnaround time for accounts receivable. With over 40 regional offices, specializing in emergency response and remediation, industrial, marine, and waste service, the company looked for a process automation solution that could improve efficiency and offer greater mobility.

The Problem

Keeping track of equipment and materials requisitions and employee timesheets using paper forms, while on the job site, often meant waiting for the right documentation to trickle into the office. Having paper forms also meant they would need to be keyed in by administrative members before moving through the processing cycle. The domino effect of this paperwork spilled into not being able to efficiently bill clients for their services.

Project managers also had no transparency of the jobs in progress or what to expect with unexpected equipment and material requests. Employees could make emergency purchases in the fields, without a PO number and without having anything approved.

The Solution

Using OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, FileSolve provided the client with standardized, mobile forms processing. Paper daily roster forms and equipment and material request forms were digitized. FileSolve’s team also identified stages in the process that could be automated and streamlined.

For instance, previously, managers might have been notified in the middle of the night of a train derailment and needed to get up and log into a system to see the next job number on the project list and open a new file. By digitizing the process, the supervisors can now do everything on their mobile devices (without even getting out of bed at 3 a.m.).

“With paper forms, there was no way of knowing if you have all your forms in. Or what if they’re dropped in the mud? You couldn’t know what physical form that paperwork was going to be in.”

— Michael Brown OnBase Engineer

FileSolve’s AP/AR automation solution:

  • Offered timely invoicing
  • Reduced turnaround time for expense payment
  • Improved visibility into available materials and resources
  • Streamlined manual processes such as sorting, matching, and filing invoices

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