File Management and Document Conversion Solutions for Greensboro

Storing, accessing and protecting your organization’s information at an enterprise level is now easier than ever. We offer ways to harness your workflow processes with an easy-to-use document scanning service and file management system.

Document Conversion
Your Greensboro file management and document conversion solution is here. It allows you to free yourself from limiting budgetary and storage confines by shifting to secure document scanning services that work wonders

Going Digital
Getting rid of the physical copies you have so many of in your business will help you in a variety of ways, not the least of which is convenience. Instead of searching of paper, imagine being able to pull up records and documents in a ready database to find the exact file you need. Simply. Safely. Synchronously.

With well-designed on-site and off-site digital backup, you needn’t worry about every losing vital information should anything befall your site.

Industry-Leading Equipment
Our high-speed file scanning equipment is state-of-the-art, capable of handling any-size format. We are always careful to convert documents to the digital format that best aligns with your system requirements.

Ongoing File Conversion Solutions
On a regular basis (the schedule determined by you), documents can be picked up from your Greensboro location and transported to one of our scanning locations where they are converted to digital format, then electronically indexed. If need be, we can even scan at your location! Afterwards, we will provide you with the original image and data.

Your Customized File Management System
Once your files have been converted, how to best store them? We can help with that, too. Part of our solution is partnering with you to determine the best manner of storing and managing your data. If you keep an in-house file system, we will help upload files. We can also burn to CD or DVD. Plus, for online file management access, we also offer a secure FTP site.

Unparalleled Service
Regardless of which file management service you opt for, working with us delivers a high level of convenience and security.

When you partner with FileSolve, we eagerly deploy our unique combination of document storage experience and stunning technology to improve your file management processes while at the same time helping you to reduce costs. It’s a win-win scenario. Big ideas, bigger solutions. That’s FileSolve. Even if you are just looking for file management supplies for your site, we can help you there, too. We can make sure all of your paper is well-organized with a variety of folders, index tabs, color-coded labels and more. Yep. Small items can be big helpers, too.

Contact FileSolve Greensboro today for document conversion and file management solutions that hum.