Bringing New Life to EMS Agency’s Purchase Order Process

Case Study


Our client agency’s mission is to respond when and where needed, efficiently and expertly. In January 2018, this Emergency Medical Services agency relocated to a new headquarters to better address the growing need for its services in the southeast. Still, changing locations wasn’t the only way this agency wanted to improve work processes and prepare for future growth.

The Problem

Demand for the agency’s services had increased 34% since 2013. Yet the agency was still relying on manual purchase order processes. The need for workflow improvements was even more evident in the new space. Moving to three buildings (over 180,000 square feet) on 20 acres of land meant an even greater divide between users in the purchase order (PO) approval process. Can you imagine manual purchase orders across three buildings? — we couldn’t either.

“They needed a process to get an approval for POs moving quickly instead of needing to walk around parts of the new building,” said OnBase Engineer Mike Brown.

The agency turned to FileSolve to automate the purchase order process for greater efficiency and transparency — resulting in a much happier workflow.

The Solution

FileSolve’s team of experts first conducted a gap analysis with subject matter experts to determine and document all existing processes, challenges, and key players. Drawing on this understanding of current steps in submitting, accessing and approving purchase orders, OnBase engineers implemented a prototype workflow automation.

After an iterative process of gaining agency feedback and modifying the OnBase solution further, FileSolve conducted training with the agency employees to get them ready to go live. Ensuring the employees are properly trained is the FileSolve Way.

FileSolve's purchase order automation solution:

  • Translated Excel spreadsheets into Dynamic Electronic Forms
  • Introduced rules-based workflow automation to streamline processes
  • Provided a reporting dashboard for better visibility into client metrics

“It’s very satisfying,” said FileSolve’s Dan Knezevic of developing OnBase solutions. “I’m automating non-valuable processes to allow the customer to focus on the complicated processes that I can’t automate.”

Download the full case study for the final outcome

Learn about how Filesolve implemented a happy workflow by:

  •  introducing rules-based workflow automation to streamline processes
  • Providing a reporting dashboard for better visibility into client metrics
  • Translating Excel spreadsheets into Dynamic Electronic Forms