Cleveland, OH

Studies have shown that improper business records management can trigger poor company performance!

Thankfully, we can help businesses throughout Cleveland with their file management problems. FileSolve is an ECM solutions and document management company that works with customers who have disorganized filing strategies and help find them a solution.

Our services range from asset tracking to document imaging to record storage with many additional specialty areas in between.

A regular ECM solution we provide around Cleveland is for file scanning help. This popular service eliminates the need for physical space to store files. It also provides a useful organizational system, as we convert the files into digital assets that can be used with electronic document management software.

At FileSolve we also offer our customers the ultimate capabilities of file organization through our innovative asset tracking and barcode tracking technologies. With these features integrated into a file system, no one in the office ever has to waste a minute tracking down a lost file. Our tracking devices notify an employee within seconds where a file is located. Does your outdated filing system do that? We are guessing not, so contact us today and check out our Cleveland ECM solutions for yourself.

Area businesses also view us as a dependable shredding service for confidential documents and trust us to provide full relocation services for both files and storage units.

Of course we would love to go on and on right here on this webpage about the variety of services we provide, but frankly we would rather talk with you in person. Contact us today and let’s start a discussion on your document management needs and how we can help!

Cleveland, OH

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