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With its rapid economic growth and booming business sector, Charlotte has become one of the busiest cities that we work in. If you are doing businesses in Charlotte and have not contacted our team at FileSolve regarding document imaging, record storage or asset tracking, then by all means, we strongly suggest that you do!

FileSolve is an industry leader in Charlotte ECM solutions and document management services. We offer a variety of solutions that most companies simply cannot function without. For example, companies that take advantage of our document scanning practices never have to worry about paper overload again, and they have no trouble finding an exact document when they need it.

Our document / records management services include:

  • Electronic Document Management
  • Document Scanning & Imaging
  • Active File Management
  • Asset and Barcode Tracking
  • Records Storage
  • File Moves and Conversions

Our tracking capabilities are state of the art. Using barcode technology, customers never ever have to waste time searching for a lost file (or any other item) again. Imagine how much more productive your company would be with our tracking system, part of our suite of Charlotte ECM solutions!

In addition to barcode tracking that allows an item to be tracked as individuals check in and out files, we also offer RFID tracking. Radio Frequency Identification is similar to barcode tracking, however, it provides real-time status, inventory and even location updates.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but tracking is not the only thing we’re great at. Our shredding, scanning, moving and consulting services are unbeatable throughout Charlotte as well.

In addition to these Charlotte ECM solutions, we offer massive amounts of off-site records storage space. Customers who keep their files with us are still able to view any document at any time. Our scan-on-demand service allows us to create a digital image of the desired document and send it to customers through a secure FTP site.

Charlotte businesses are thriving, yet poor document management can be a detriment to this growth. Don’t let an inadequate filing system keep your company from succeeding.

Charlotte, NC

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