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For over 20 years, Hyland Software has helped more than 11,400 lifetime customers by providing real-world solutions to everyday business challenges. Hyland’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, OnBase, is one of the most flexible and comprehensive ECM software products on the market today. OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location and drives this content through your processes at the speed of light, working in conjunction with your other applications. It then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. Once your information is under control, your legal retention requirements are implemented automatically, giving you total visibility into the status of your processes, documents and information.

DocuWare’s ECM software products take your document management priorities into account and responds to all the information needs of your organization. You can process information with unrivaled efficiency and productivity by using the core DocuWare ECM software. Documents (paper-based or electronic/digital) enter the system in electronic baskets similar to the inbox on your desk. Your workflow with these documents remains the same. You can sort them, organize them, staple them together, or add notes, comments, signatures and even stamps. Once you are done working on the documents from the basket, they are stored in digital file cabinets, creating a “document pool.” You can choose the number of file cabinets and how you would like them organized using DocuWare’s powerful indexing engine. Regardless of their type or point of origin, all your documents are safely and securely filed away automatically. They are also easy to retrieve.

Kofax Document Capture Software provides automation and speeds up business processes in your organization. Kofax captures all types of paper files, electronic documents and forms, and converts them into correct, usable information. This information can be deposited into your core business applications, processes and workflows. Kofax Capture, in conjunction with other ECM software products, provides unrivaled scalability and is a robust production-level capture platform. Capture grabs information from practically any source and automates capture-driven processes wherever documents are received.

PSIGEN is a document capture system that combines efficiency, automation, stability and scalability. PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture provides scanning functionality, and by using simple expressions can automate processing tasks. PSI:Capture provides a single capture platform that can accomplish any organization’s goals, including document scanning and import functions, capturing data, processing forms, OCR, extracting data, and the ability to export or migrate data to over 50 Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS).

AnyDoc capture software streamlines processes by automatically classifying your important documents and pulling the critical information that fuels your business processes – all without manual data entry. From invoices to healthcare claims, AnyDoc can be beneficial across departments for organizations in any industry when ECM software products are needed.

Established in 1987, InfoLinx provides industry-leading, enterprise-class, physical records management software and related services. With hundreds of installations across North America and into Europe, its clientele includes pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, educational, retail, legal and property management organizations. They also work with federal, state, county and municipal agencies in the public sector.

ShareFile (by Citrix) helps organizations effortlessly and securely exchange large files with partners, clients and colleagues through a custom-branded, password-protected portal. ShareFile has the right document management solution, whether information confidentiality is an issue, your files are too large to send by email, or you need a place to collaborate on a project. ShareFile is web-based and enables organizations to create password-protected folders where clients and employees can share and download documents. Designed for large corporations and small businesses alike, ShareFile takes the headaches and safety concerns out of file sharing and data storage.

ImageSilo, an ultra-secure, on-demand, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, allows you to store and retrieve your data online. You get the same functionality and features of an on-site ECM system coupled with secure online access to information from anywhere at any time. ImageSilo supports virtually any type of information, and versioning controls ensure that documents being worked on are the most up-to-date. ImageSilo works effortlessly with Microsoft Office. By using the integration module and API capabilities, it seamlessly integrates with virtually any application, so you can keep working in the ECM software products and applications to which you are accustomed.