About Patterson Pope

As you work to present a professional image to each customer that walks through your doors, you’ll find one problem standing in your way ? stuff. There are any number of things necessary to run an organization effectively, but those things can easily begin to take over, leaving you with a mess. While digital storage solutions from FileSolve are a way to help organize your business, some items can’t or shouldn?t be stored digitally. When you need workable storage to help with your business’s stuff, Patterson Pope has the solutions that will help.

Patterson Pope’s storage solutions go beyond simple filing systems. Although they do have a large selection of storage systems for those files you can’t digitize, they focus on shelving and storage of all types. Art storage, mobile shelving units and even library storage options are all available. From high density storage for manufacturing plants to laminate cabinets for school classrooms and lockers for all industries, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Storage solutions from Patterson Pope are designed for all industries. They have storage products for healthcare, schools, libraries and laboratories, as well as products for law enforcement agencies, government offices, military bases and museums. Their goal when creating a storage solution is not to sell a product, but rather to design a storage option that works well in your space and meets your needs, providing an attractive and organized way to hold stuff. Each customer will receive a custom storage system designed for them.

Stuff doesn’t have to be a problem for your business. With the right storage solution, you can manage that stuff efficiently, all while maintaining the professional image you’ve worked hard over the years to create. Give Patterson Pope a call today to learn more about their innovative storage options and how they can give you a way to make sense of your clutter.