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K-12 Bridge spans the gap between teachers and administrators...

There’s no denying that technology is changing the way we live, work and learn. In homes and offices and classrooms around the country, devices and smartboards and thinner-than-you-can-imagine PCs are ever-present. That’s a lot of “ands.” Suffice it to say, we are living with technology like never before. This new reality is not positive or negative in and of itself. These advancements are “new tools,” designed to both make existing tasks easier and also unveil some newer functions, as well. This is what we imagined the 21st century would be like.

These new tools offer a lot to get excited about. In addition to all kinds of new hardware, there are seemingly limitless amounts of new software that make anything possible. And because a lot of it is so new, sometimes they need to be experimented with a bit before you can get a really good understanding of how it might work for your purposes.

But how much is too much? It is possible to go a bit overboard, all in the quest for getting an edge. Many of our school systems, for example, are using seven, eight, nine or more different software programs. Often times, these disparate systems don’t play nicely with one another, either. That causes problems. If only there was a way to corral those systems and really get them to work together. After all, learning about “cooperation” is always a good lesson.

Engineering Solutions

You know FileSolve as a company that offers not only solutions, but the right solutions. Tailored. That extra step is a natural result of the passion we have for what we do. Many of us are parents, and we all understand the importance of a well-run educational system. Our focus being on the administrative side of things, we were curious to see if we could devise a way to help today’s school administrators come up with a better way to have those different systems communicate better with each other.

There was. We call it K-12 Bridge.

K-12 Bridge spans the gap between teachers and administrators. It’s a single software system that allows an administrative staff to update teacher contracts, manage extended contract details, master incident management tracking, and simplify the onboarding and orientation process for new hires.

A single, multi-tasking product that gets the job done right. We did our homework.

Teacher Contract Management

There can be thousands of teachers in a school system. Many systems today require those teachers to sign annual contracts rather than offering multi-year agreements. K-12 Bridge offers an easy, convenient way to distribute those contracts, track their status, quickly and efficiently alter language and terms within those contracts, and even send reminders to teachers who may only have a few days to sign them. The system even features a convenient dashboard for additional control.

Extended Employee Contracts

Being as dedicated as they are to doing everything they can to help our kids succeed, many teachers go above and beyond. In addition to their efforts in the classroom, many teachers decide to begin after-school programs, a tutoring post, or some other passion project. Starting these efforts requires some additional paperwork that must be completed through the school system. They can include applications, approvals, community needs assessments, and more. K-12 Bridge allows all of those things to be done within the same system.

Employee File Management

Collecting and maintaining teachers’ information is a vital part of any administration’s function. Being able to access all desired files without having to delve into separate human resources systems, ERPs or HCMs improves communication, speeds task research and completion, and allows for easy access to a central personnel information hub. And ease of use? Well that’s just extra credit.

Incident Management

Making sure that the right teachers are in the right positions is vital to system success. Also vital is being able to identify and address those students who may need a little extra help with behavioral issues. To best benefit both parties, K-12 Bridge allows for incident tracking and intervention management. The old adage is true – sometimes, the difference is in the details.

On-Boarding & Virtual Orientation

Welcoming new teachers is an exciting time. A smooth onboarding experience is critical not only for the comfort and success of the teacher, but for the proper transfer of important information. Ensuring that those new educators have everything in order behind the scenes (e.g., the proper communications, the right paperwork, the right HR essentials) goes a long way towards helping them focus on their most important motivation – their students.

Where Do You Stand?

Just as some teachers have an affinity for math and science, others English, and yet others History, some administrations have a knack for certain systems that they use in their daily work. It’s only natural. We gravitate towards those things we like or more easily understand. Combine this reality with what I mentioned earlier – about some school systems using eight or more software systems – and it’s easy to understand how unique each scenario can be.

K-12 Bridge is a solution, but it can be used in different ways depending on your needs. That’s why, if you’re interested in finding out how it might work for you, one of the first things we’ll do for you is a gap analysis. We take a look at the systems you’re using, get a solid understanding of what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and only then begin working on customizing K-12 Bridge to best address those needs. It’s a preliminary – and very important – part of the process.

Technology Leads to Transformation

Being prepared for what the 21st century will surely bring – at least in the form of technology – is important to today’s successful professional school administrator. That focus and determination to be the best hasn’t wavered over the decades. The tools have changed, yes, but that core passion is still there burning bright. K-12 Bridge is our way, here at FileSolve, of providing some of our community’s best and brightest with every advantage.

That’s what education is all about.

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