Making ECM a Central Part of your Spring Cleaning Plans

Before it was a hilarious movie starring Bill Murray, “Groundhog Day” was known solely as the first hint that maybe – just maybe – winter would end a little early. That’s the day Punxsutawney Phil predicts whether we will have six more weeks of winter, or can begin celebrating spring. Well, I suppose Phil doesn’t really predict anything, as he’s a groundhog, after all. Nevertheless, he’s a powerful symbol of the excitement of the changing of the seasons. The idea of spring is kind of exciting.

Spring means a lot of different things to different people. Baseball. Spring Break. Golf. It also means it’s time to spruce up – whether it’s your home or your business. And while we would encourage anyone to finally ditch that ripped 1974 La-Z-Boy, we’re going to focus here on things to do to re-energize your business.

Get Rid of the Paper

Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster was an information scientist who first envisioned the idea of a “paperless office” almost 40 years ago. Despite his understanding of the idea’s value, here we are in 2017 still struggling with exactly how to make his notion a reality. It can be done. And it should be done. We’ve written about that before and it’s an idea we’re always excited about. So how do we move in that direction?
Here is a trio of ways to help reduce paper:

1. Digitize
Let’s start with the paper that your business currently has – whether it’s a small amount or a warehouse full. No matter how much paper you have, the first step to making things a bit tidier is by converting that accumulated information into a digital format. We work with Hyland Software, a company that’s developed range of solutions for doing just that.

At FileSolve, we help you arrive at the solutions that work best for you. Whether that’s acquiring the tools you need on-site, or utilizing us to do some scanning and imaging for you – both options are available. We recognize that some smaller businesses might not have the staff, equipment or business plans to do scanning in-house. In those cases, we help easily implement the use of digital document files for their business processes. The faster your electronic documents are available to your business system, the sooner your users and business processes will benefit.

No matter which route you select, you can rest easy knowing that all tasks are performed by experts using detailed quality control – from document pickup to the secure storage or destruction of your original files.

2. Ensure access
Once you’ve digitized all of your paper and other valuable company information (think images, maps, bills of lading, etc.), where do you store it? Having all of what you need is only valuable if it’s equally easy to access it. Along with that, you need to think about the people – and the departments – that will need to be able to see and share that information.

There are many questions to be considered. Does it offer Cloud options? How is it evaluated by the marketplace?  Will it complement existing systems while also offering easily expandability? Taking all of these details into consideration is what we do here at FileSolve. We understand that our clients – people just like you – are busy running their businesses. It takes time, attention and insight to help determine the right enterprise content management system. We’re happy to offer a helping hand in that regard.

Every client has unique considerations that must be understood and met, certainly. Getting there doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are just getting started, we have the tools that can help you start down the simple path to make an informed decision and implement the right system for your organization’s files.

3. Automate standard processes
Streamlining your core business operations can yield significant savings. As just one example, consider accounts payable. With the right enterprise content management (ECM) system in place, you can immediately recognize improved reconciliation processes regardless of how or where documents are received. Better audit controls, efficient alerts for remittance and payer issues and reduced costs for payment posting and denials management are some additional benefits. Defining the correct business rules up front will allow you to orchestrate the appropriate route for your electronic files, giving you the greatest payoff – saved time and money.

Chances are well near 100 percent that there is a lot more that goes into spring cleaning at your organization than the snippet we’re discussing here. We recognize that. Having said that, though, it’s also not an overstatement to say that here at FileSolve we’re pretty excited about the solutions we’re able to provide. We believe that once we’re able to introduce ECM to you and demonstrate its benefits, you’ll better understand its potential for your business – and appreciate its usability.

Spring is here, at long last. So, too is your opportunity to help your business clean up with the right tool at the right time. How sure are we? Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Posted by: Kelly Green
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