Dialogue Leads to Enterprising Ideas

Through conversation, our clients educate us about what they do – and how – and we do the same about our end of things. That’s how learning happens.

If you attended the ECM Conference of the Carolinas in Charlotte this past November, you heard me say that I’m a big proponent of education. In this context, I’m speaking specifically to education as a means to understanding how Enterprise Content Management – ECM – can make a big difference in the way your business processes work.

Now, I’m no philosopher. But I do know that Plato was the guy who was all about learning through dialogue. He believed that by asking questions of each other, people could learn not only different points of view, but eventually dial down to the nugget of an argument, or an idea, and examine its merit. It’s a notion that has proved its worth over some 2,000 years, so why would I mess with that? In my opinion, Plato had it right.

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you know we believe ECM is a game-changer. Whether you’re in accounts payable, accounts receivable, manufacturing, legal, medical or any of a host of other industries, there are opportunities available for you to streamline your workflow. ECM is one of those technologies, while traditionally not sharing the mainstream, is so beneficial that it is becoming mission-critical. We encourage you to consider the impact of the latest ECM solutions, because those vanguards are the ones that will be leading the way.

FileSolve offers a variety of ECM software options, including OnBase by Hyland, DocuWare, InfoLinx, and ImageSilo, in addition to advanced capture solutions like PSIGEN and AnyDoc. Think of these as “arrows in our quiver.” There are a lot of different scenarios out there, and each of these is useful in certain circumstances.

The most valuable thing we offer is our expertise. That’s why the most important thing we offer happens before we even get started. It’s our assessment. For those who are interested, we come in and have a conversation. Mind you, this is a very pointed conversation. We’ll ask you about your business processes, find out where you’re succeeding and where you could use a little help. See, we might have experience with different companies in your industry, but we want to know about yours, specifically. No one knows it better than you.

These days especially, there is no shortage of opinions. And facts? Well, they seem to be falling out of favor. But not with us. We understand that while everyone has an opinion, simply trading them back and forth more often leads to entrenchment than insight. The open, honest exchange of information is the only real way to ascertain what your needs are and how we might be of assistance. Through conversation, our clients educate us about what they do – and how – and we do the same about our end of things. That’s how learning happens.

Education is an all-the-time thing. We understand that what makes that possible is an old trick called listening. Not just hearing – and then waiting for an opportunity to talk. No. We like to really listen… to what you’re saying, what you’re not saying, and for how you say it.

That’s our philosophy.

Posted by: Kelly Green
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