Playing by the Rules is Easier with the Right ECM Solution

Being able to access information is a tall order. Or is it? With ECM, it’s really quite simple.

In some circles, “compliance” is a dirty word. Oh not in theory, of course. In theory it makes all the sense in the world to adhere to a certain set of standards. This ensures that processes are done a certain way, regulations are followed and end products are safe, efficient and effective. No, it’s a dirty word only in the sense that those same rules and regulations that we champion for their protective value can also be tiresome at times. As anyone in Marketing for an insurance company can attest, getting anything through legal compliance can age you.

All that being said, compliance is an essential part of doing business today. At all sorts of companies, keeping track of the right documents for audit – both internal and external – has never been more important.

Consider the recent re-examination and re-labelling (pun intended) of our country’s food-safety system. Newly created rules demand an increase in government inspections at food processing facilities and allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the ability to order mandatory recalls when necessary. As part of that process, manufacturers must be able to provide remote access to critical records and documentation to the FDA for review.

Now, if this sort of thing happened in an organization today, there would be many a manager who would be losing hours of sleep each night. Being able to access that sort of information is a tall order. Or is it? With a properly implemented Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, it’s really quite simple. As a matter of fact, organizations can actually realize huge cost savings in auditing by electing to implement an intuitive ECM solution in their organization.

ECM and Compliance

Think about it. What does an ECM system do? It’s designed to make it easy for anyone – with the right access, in chosen departments – to access all of the records and information that a given organization has. They can do it from anywhere, at any time. Certain types of ECM solutions can even allow for access to this information from a smartphone. Couple that astounding ability with a solid records management process (with strict retention and final disposition rules), and you have the picture perfect document solution.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you work in the financial services industry. Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing that a strategically implemented ECM solution is keeping an eye on your Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements? Of course you would.

There are a number of other benefits, as well. An ECM solution can:

  • Increase response to changing regulations and implements updates
  • Store and communicate changes without copying or using individual distribution methods
  • Provide an intuitive compliance dashboard to your compliance officer to greatly reduce risks
  • Manage the retention of stored documents according to pre-defined rules

No matter what game you’re in, the inter-connectedness of the world today and the speed at which business moves can be dizzying. It’s important not to forget that the same interconnectedness, though, can be used to your advantage. Whether you’re in accounts receivable, accounts payable, IT, or any number of other sectors, a smart ECM solution can help you do more. It’s that simple. Now, the “hows” might be a tad different depending on some individual factors, but that’s where the “contact your local professional” comes in.

No one ever said “expert assistance” was a dirty phrase.

Posted by: Eric Schwabenlender
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