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Sure, I’m afraid of zip lines. I’ll admit it. It’s one of those weird man-made adventures that I’ve never quite understood. Zip lining, parasailing, skydiving, spelunking… all of it. Call me crazy, but I prefer activities that can be enjoyed on land. Solid land. I realize there are many people who enjoy these activities – even enjoying them so much as to call themselves “enthusiasts.” While these are terrifying ideas, sometimes we have to step up and fear our fears; especially when people are watching.

In business as in life, there are a number of things that can be scary. These days especially, learning new technologies can be one of those. I needn’t list a multitude of software titles or social media apps or even obscure company names for you to understand that we live in a world awash in new technology. Every day, something new comes along that, if we want to grow and succeed, we’d better know at least a little about. Can they be intimidating? Sure. Are they as fear-inducing as zip lining? No, they are not. Trust me. Well, other than the Samsung 7, that is.

For a number of years now, I’ve been leading an annual conference that’s intended to make folks more and more comfortable with Enterprise Content Management, or ECM for short. If you’re reading this blog then you’re already somewhat familiar with the technology. It’s been described many different ways, but pared down to its core, it essentially allows an organization to electronically store, access and share their accumulated information – the evidence of the work they do – with the people in that organization. Whether it’s IT, AR/AP, Marketing, Production, or really any department, ECM is a way to improve your workflow processes.

This year’s conference is sponsored by FileSolve and takes place November 2nd. It’s titled, “The ECM Conference of the Carolinas,” and it’s being held at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. The Whitewater Center has hosted Olympic athletes in training as well as kayaking hobbyists and weekend adventurers. There’s whitewater rafting, biking and hiking trails, rock climbing, and yes… zip lining. While the object of the conference is to inform folks about the benefits of ECM, the theme is the value of challenging oneself. Whether it’s athletically or in business, sometimes we need to be a little uncomfortable at first in order to grow. There will be subsequent conferences in Georgia and Ohio in 2017.

While new technologies are always exciting, it’s important to remember that in the end, they exist to make our jobs easier. Understanding how they affect daily workflow processes is the key to appreciating their ingenuity. The ECM Conference of the Carolinas welcomes a variety of professionals who are either using the technology now and would like to know how to use it better, or who are new to ECM and are excited about implementing it for the first time.

Those who attend the conference don’t just hear from me, of course. We bring together scores of experts – those who are using ECM and those who make some of the software itself. The day is broken up into a number of different sessions, with titles like, “Business Process Automation: Learning to Throw a Fastball,” “Scanning 101: Incredible Advances,” “Data Collection and Approval Management,” and “ECM Across the Government Enterprise.” Lots of stuff – for lots of different people.

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ECM is for those who are ready to transform their business processes, eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, and end audit and compliance worries. It’s true! The technology can have all of those effects, and more. If you’re reading this before November 2nd and would like to attend the conference, click here. If you’re reading this after November 2nd, don’t fret. There will be other conferences in the near future. You can also email me directly for more information about how ECM can help your business quicker and more effectively than you might realize.

Any new technology – especially of the sort implemented in businesses – comes with two things included: opportunity and a good dose of apprehension. At the ECM Conference of the Carolinas – and at FileSolve in general – we get excited when we’re able to help businesses and individuals learn to use that new technology to get better at that which they’re already pretty awesome.

The ECM Conference of the Carolinas concludes with some “adventure activities” at the US National Whitewater Center. Those attending can register for some of those, too. And while I’m happy to offer my expertise with your ECM questions, any queries you might have about rock walls and/or zip lines – whether at the conference or afterwards – are best left to professionals other than myself.

The only heights I truly enjoy are the ones to which we can help your organization reach.

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