Setting the Records Straight: The Benefits of Box Storage

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We’ve been telling you for years that here at Patterson Pope, we love stuff. We help our clients solve their stuff problems. Unlike the stuff George Carlin referred to in his famous – and somewhat blue – comedy routine, though, the stuff we’re in love with is business stuff. In particular, we help businesses and organizations manage their stuff with exceptional large-scale storage options.

One of the fundamental services we have always offered – through our information management division, FileSolve – is off-site records storage. This is also called “box storage,” for the simple reason that those records are – voila – usually stored in boxes. While the Digital Age is changing the way a lot of companies process and use their corporate data, we are at a point in history where there is, still, a lot of paper. We’re talking about records, contracts, employee reviews, agendas, invoices and other financial records, meeting minutes, etc. You get the idea. Now, a lot of that stuff needs to be kept for a certain amount of time. Whether because of legal requirements, compliance issues or just fear of needing-it-and-not-having-it, there are rules in place for how long certain paper records need to be kept. There are sometimes rules for how it must be destroyed, too.

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As you might imagine, large organizations can accumulate a good amount of these kinds of paper records. Because corporate real estate is at a premium and maximizing smart office space planning is difficult even in the best of times, many organizations choose to keep these records in an off-site warehouse. Some organizations own their own warehouses, while others rent warehouse space. Unlike many records storage businesses who hope to collect as many boxes as possible, charge the clients a high “rental” rate (which is what it essentially is) and hope those clients forget about the boxes – thus yielding a never-ending payday? Well, those are “the other guys.”

Your records tell the history of your business. They document where you’ve been, who you are, and what’s important to you. Choosing a partner to help you store them off-site offers your organization flexibility, additional space and peace of mind knowing that those records are safe, secure and ever-accessible.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Have you noticed the proliferation of storage places where you live? It makes sense, when you think about it. We seem to live in an age where new construction indicates that the only thing Americans do outside the home is eat and shop, then shop and eat. Oh, and don’t forget shopping. And eating. Rampant consumerism means we like our stuff, and sometimes we run out of room for all that stuff. Are you noticing a theme here? The problem with this trend is that what usually happens is that people rent the extra space, load it up with excess belongings, padlock it, and forget about it. They pay rent every month to hang on to their stuff – sometimes for years after they’ve forgotten what’s in there!

Let’s face facts. There are off-site records storage companies that are content with doing the exact same thing with your business records. In fact, there are companies out there who thrive on that mentality. They will gladly accept as many boxes as they can hold and hope you forget about them. The “rent checks” continue to roll in, with no attention ever being paid to retention schedules or deposition. They may adhere to the “security” aspect of things, but in their case, that can also mean “forgotten.”

FileSolve pros, on the other hand, work with you – using people power and innovative software – to develop detailed retention plans for each and every box. Whether those rules are set by the government, your organization or together with us, we ensure you keep only what you need – and only as long as you need it. What’s more, we provide thorough destruction services when deposition dates arrive, assuring that your information is always kept secure and private.

benefits of box storage

The Multiple Benefits of Box Storage

Let’s go through some of the benefits of contacting a company to help store your records off-site. As just one random example (really!), let’s look at FileSolve. First, take a look at the area where your files are now stored. Imagine for a moment what you could do with that space if those files were stored elsewhere. Now imagine what your staff could be doing if it weren’t fighting with files on a daily basis.

Secure, Low-Cost Storage Solution
Off-site records storage services keep your records safe and secure,
so your sensitive data is never at risk.

Guaranteed Access
While many of your archived records require no further use and can
easily be stored off-site, from time to time you will have records that
you need to access. FileSolve provides guaranteed access 24/7– either
in-person or via RSWeb software, which allows you to know exactly
where your information is at any given time.

Easy Access
FileSolve provides a pick-up and delivery service that ensures you
have your files when you need them. If you ever need a document
even faster than our delivery service allows, we’ll scan it and send it
via our secure FTP site.

Saving money, freeing up space, and guaranteeing ready access are three great reasons to consider box storage. Making sure you have retention schedules that are kept up-to-date – ensuring you only keep what you absolutely need – is one extra step that we’re happy to provide. We think it’s an important difference.

Steady Wins the Race

File management is an essential part of running a business. It’s become even more important as our economy grows and globalization becomes more entrenched. Whatever business you’re in – you get paid to do it well. Making sure that your older files are adequately stored and secured, while essential, is not part of your specialty. That’s why we encourage you to partner with FileSolve. We love this stuff! If you’ve got boxes of records and/or files that need to be stored, we’re happy to offer solutions that fit your budget and your requirements.
Box storage may not be the sexiest thing, but it’s steady. When it comes to securing the information that is so essential to your business, isn’t that what you really want most? In this case, at least, there’s a lot to be said for knowing exactly what you’re going to get. After all, how many things in business can really count “being straightforward” as their modus operandi?

Unlike the scene above – and unlike partners you may have had in the past – our “best people” are always working with your best interests at heart.

Now that’s a happy ending.

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