Benefits of Electronic Document Management Systems

By scanning all of your paper documents and digitizing them, you can integrate digital and paper files effectively....

If you are wondering whether or not making the switch from a paper filing system to an electronic document management system is the right choice for your business, you have several considerations to make. While you are weighing the pros and cons of this decision, remember to consider these vital benefits of going digital.

Easy Disaster Recovery
Should the unthinkable happen and your system crashes and you lose all of your documents, you will have a way to get them back. Today’s electronic document management software has a restore from backup action that allows you to restore your files quickly in the event of a catastrophe. Effective disaster recovery is a definite benefit.

Freeing Your Staff
When you have a digital system, your staff is no longer required to spend time filing paperwork and searching through files to find what they need. With a few clicks of the mouse and some key search terms, the necessary documents will be at their fingertips. Staff that is not forced to perform tasks they view as drudgery will be more productive and efficient in their jobs.

Greater Flexibility
One document can be stored under customer name, a document number, department number, date and if needed, many other categories. With a paper filing system, you must choose just one category to store a document in. Greater filing flexibly makes finding documents even easier and more intuitive.

Filing Paper and Electronic Documents
By scanning all of your paper documents and digitizing them, you can integrate digital and paper files effectively. Whether a document is received via fax, mail or email, it can be stored in the same system and retrieved in the same way. PC generated files like Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets can also be stored in the same system, creating one virtual document pool. This allows for a logical filing structure for any document that comes into your business or that you create.

Document Sharing
When documents need to be shared between departments, electronic document management makes it easier. Multiple people can access the same document at the same time, and dedicated tasks can be assigned to certain staff members to create document workflow.

Not only does document sharing streamline business practices, but it also eliminates the problems associated with lost or missing files. When one employee shares a file with another in order to make a decision, there is no possibility that the file will be left sitting forgotten on a desk. It remains where it should be in the electronic database at all times.

Space and Time Saving Benefit
Did you know that a four-drawer filing cabinet occupies 7.5 square feet of your office space and will use around 100 work hours to fill with 8,000 to 10,000 pieces of paper? Along the way, of course, some files will be missing or misfiled, which will cause efficiency problems in the future. Not to mention the cost associated with recreating the document and possible compliance issues. Switching to digital files will eliminate all of these headaches. Your office floor space can be freed up to use for more productive uses.

With all of these benefits, the decision to switch to electronic document management is clear. If you need assistance with making that switch, talk to the team at FileSolve. With our help, you can have a streamlined, logical and effective electronic system for storing and managing your documents.

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