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Flexible Solutions For Business Evolution

Flexible Solutions For Business Evolution

Work. At its core, it’s a series of small events, steps and pivots.

And these events and steps are always accompanied by content — files, forms, media, data — that needs to be created, managed, delivered, secured, and stored. It’s not just the stuff around work that’s changing — it’s also where it’s getting done. Remote, in-person, a hybrid of the two; no matter what the work environment looks like, it’s critical that employees can access content regardless of where they are.

The best way to do that? Investing in the shift to digital. Paperless — and people-less — offices are here to stay. FileSolve can help. Our focus on business optimization, automated processes, scanning, and record management — from physical to digital and all points in between — means a happy workflow for you and your employees is closer than you think.

Core Services

This sounds like a public service announcement, but we’ll ask anyway: Do you know where all your content lives? And, do you have a way for your teams’ to seamlessly access and interact with your content? 

When you have simplified and streamlined business processes, there are plenty of positive side effects: Improved productivity. Increased response time. Operational cost savings. Reduced risk. Happier employees. A happier company.

FileSolve works in these four core areas to ensure your business is set up for success now and into the future:

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Our scanning services include capturing digital images of all current paper documents as well as day-forward scanning — converting incoming paper documents as they enter your workflow and importing them directly into your file management or ECM system.

Enterprise Content Management

Need to go a step further with file management and document organization? Our partnership with OnBase, the leading solution in enterprise content management (ECM), means we work with you to develop a system to make sure your information is securely stored and accessible to the right people at the right time.

Active File Management

We know it’s sometimes necessary to manage paper files. We also know those files can be a big pain to manage. When you outsource your file management to FileSolve, you’re getting trained experts that will manage your physical and electronic documents within your existing systems. We can even take over your mailroom so that your dispersed employees can receive their mail – electronically.

Off-Site File Management

Many organizations find themselves running out of space for file storage in their current buildings, or wanting to decrease their physical footprint due to a shift to remote work. If you need a secure, accessible, and low-cost place for your files to reside, consider storing them with us.

Who do we help?


Every industry — from government to healthcare to legal to education — has challenges when it comes to content management.

What sets us apart from our competitors? We don’t believe that there’s one ready-made solution that works for a particular industry — there’s one solution that works for you. Our process — a thorough gap analysis, plenty of prototyping, and entrenching ourselves in your business to the point where you’re ordering us business cards — has been the key to many successful projects.

We can tell you all the cool projects we’ve worked on — but honestly, it’s easier to show you.

Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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