RFID / Asset Tracking Solutions

Although you may not realize it, you’re already familiar with “RFID.” It’s an acronym meaning “Radio Frequency Identification.” It’s the technology that allows pet owners to track their furry friends via chips implanted under the skin, and it’s also what causes those sensors to beep when shoppers leave a store before their purchases have been properly scanned.

In Enterprise Content Management, RFID utilizes tags attached to files or other company assets. Unlike barcode tracking systems, RFID tracking tags don’t have to be read with a reader. These tags emit a radio frequency that is automatically read from up to 40 feet away. This means you can have real-time status checks on where your assets are. You can use RFID tags on anything your business needs to track – from laptop computers and tablets to highly sensitive files.

With an RFID solution from FileSolve, security and peace of mind come standard.