File / Document Tracking Solutions

To understand how FileSolve can help with File Tracking, think about the convenience of an e-reader. These amazing devices can store entire libraries, giving you access to any book you own with the touch of a few buttons. You never worry about misplacing a book, and you never have to keep track of which friend borrowed which novel. All of which is to say nothing of the space you save by not buying and filling bookshelves. That’s exactly the sort of convenience that FileSolve delivers – only we deal with your company’s information library.

When you utilize the power of ECM, all of your information is accessible online. No matter which department you’re in, which system you’re working with, or what reason you have for needing that information, you can find it quickly. What’s more, storing information electronically allows you to protect against the potential risks associated with lost files. FileSolve has both software and hardware to help you keep track of your files.

Missing files and other assets create more than just a hassle. They create a security risk and cost you cash. Don’t put your sensitive information at risk.

Barcode Tracking
Barcode tracking is one of the simplest ways to keep track of your files and other assets. When you work with FileSolve to set up a barcode tracking system, we’ll place a barcode sticker on all of your files. Whenever the files are used, they’re checked in and out using a barcode scanner, so you always know who has them – and where. This is a cost-effective solution to implement accurate tracking quickly.

Where are they? When you use FileSolve, the answer is always, “Right where you need them.”