File Sharing Software

Imagine a very near future wherein all of your company’s information is available internally, online. All of it. FileSolve’s ECM software solutions then allow you to grant access to that information to whomever you deem necessary. The right people and processes are then able to get the right information exactly when and where they need it. Online availability means that departmental and even physical separations are no longer barriers to access.

  • AP is able to get vendor payments approved more quickly
  • AR can rectify customer credit applications
  • HR can speed up prospective applicant review processes
  • Designers can share ideas more easily between offices

These are examples. Additional real-world snapshots would illustrate additional scenarios from almost every industry. The advent of our connected society has led to the ever-increasing importance of Information Governance. Being aware of not only what information your business possesses but the variety of ways in which – and by whom – it can be used can empower your employees and change the way you work.

FileSolve. Because you can.