Off-Site Storage


Converting your paper files and other documents and assets to digital is a big step – one that is sure to propel your business forward. Once that step has been taken, though, you may want to retain the originals for reasons that are as varied as they are valid. Don’t worry. FileSolve recognizes that the individuality of our customers is what makes them unique. In addition to helping you with ECM, then, we’re happy to offer off-site storage solutions. 

A New Way of Working

When it comes to your actual work environment, space can be an issue. Growth is a good thing, but it can force some creative compromises when it comes to rearranging individual workspaces. Once you’ve converted your files to digital and you know you’re not going to need to access the physical versions on a regular basis, moving them off-site opens up a world of space design opportunities.

Organized and Accessible

Everything FileSolve does is about allowing your work processes to happen more smoothly. That’s why the word “access” is so important to us. We understand that even after you’ve “gone digital,” if you decide to let us store your paper files, there may be times and circumstances where you need to find it. We give you the access you need — whenever that need arises.

No matter what you need or when you need it, we’ll get it to you. We’ll do so via either a courier for in-person delivery, or we can scan the desired item and send it to you through our secure FTP site.

Safe and Secure

One of the many benefits of working with FileSolve is our ability to help you mitigate risk. In this case, it’s the risk of losing any important information to which you may require ready access. Our off-site storage solutions are a smart, savvy way to augment your electronic conversion. Your information is safe, secure, and always available.