Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

Achieve faster, more precise invoice processing.
No matter how you receive invoices – fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. – our accounts payable automation solution captures, organizes and delivers those documents, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval. FileSolve can help you:

Improve Visibility:
Replace manual routing with an automated Accounts Payable process to reduce paper and streamline processes without compromising business requirements.

Improve Productivity:
Capture invoices and purchase-related documents with a speed and ease you never thought possible. Create digital records of each invoice (or purchase-related document) so you waste less time filing, retrieving or searching for misplaced or misfiled documents. Dramatically increase productivity when you can instantly communicate and share invoices.

Improve Quality:
Reduce the errors associated with manual data entry. Have a perfect log of everyone who has viewed or edited an invoice. Reduce unnecessary inter-departmental communication.

Increase Efficiency:
Streamline invoice handling and data collection, reduce accounts payable time and cost, make documentation available for informed decision-making and decrease time spent per invoice.

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