Advanced Capture Software

Remember the old cartoon images of the “In” and “Out” boxes on a worker’s desk? Piled high, the images always connoted time, effort, and the potential for mistakes. When it comes to all of the paper in your company, multiply that image by several thousand and imagine all those stacks of paper on the floor, on filing cabinets, on desks, etc. It may be an extreme visual, but it’d be an accurate representation of all the documents that your company produces. And that’s not even including any off-site files that may exist in far-flung cities.

Now think about all of the electronic data that you produce, too. Emails. Form data. Reports. Bills of lading. Invoices. Payroll. When you add their volume to that of the physical paper we’ve already addressed, you’ve got more than a mountain of information; you’ve very nearly got a monument.

At FileSolve, there are two ways we can help you capture content.

1 – We make it happen.

At your request, our Document Automation Factory experts will work with you to digitize only those documents you need converted. We offer:

Scan-on-Demand You relocate your paper files to our secure off-site facility and only pay us to scan the things you need, when you need them.
Mailroom Document Scanning and Routing We pick up your mail, scan it, extract data and route it to the appropriate people.
Legacy File Scanning We convert all of your paper to electronic images so that all of your active and inactive files exist in the same electronic formats.

2 – Capture Software Solutions.

Using award winning advanced capture software like PSIGEN and AnyDoc, we can deliver a system that captures index and line item data from your scanned images and releases that data and the images to your ECM platform. Our advanced capture suites are a great front add-on to any ECM solution to maximize information classification and extraction with minimal human intervention. This greatly decreases time and maximizes the overall efficiency and accuracy of your solution.