Document Automation Factory

Document Automation Factory

Introducing The Industry’s First Document Automation Factory
One of the key benefits of Information Governance lies in digitizing your company’s information to feed your mission-critical business applications. Utilizing the Document Automation Factory allows you to more quickly realize the ROI of going paperless.

Utilizing the Document Automation Factory ensures the data that enters your workflow process is immediately actionable. There’s no manipulating or massaging data to fit your enterprise system. You’re immediately able to improve your processes with this simple outsource solution. You get a low-cost, efficient, highly accurate solution from the data conversion experts. By outsourcing to us, you save time and money. There are no scanners to buy and no employee time spent on tasks outside of your core revenue-generating competencies.


  • Secure location (24/7 video surveillance and fully HIPAA-compliant access restrictions)
  • Conserve capital (no purchasing of scanners and no software to upgrade and maintain)
  • Allows your employees to work on more meaningful, revenue-generating tasks and keeps everyone focused on your company’s mission
  • Provides easier, faster access to actionable data


STAGE 1 – Documents Received
Materials transported to FileSolve via secure company-owned fleet.

STAGE 2 – Document Prep
Bindings are removed and items are re-oriented to facilitate high-speed scanning.

STAGE 3 – Image Capture
All documents are run through our high-speed scanners; visual images are stored electronically.

STAGE 4 – Data Extraction/Indexing
Based on pre-determined criteria, pertinent metadata/information is extracted from scanned documents and organized electronically.

STAGE 5 – Quality Control / Verification
Factory experts manually review scanned documents to ensure quality/accuracy of captured information.

STAGE 6 – Released to Clients’ Applications
Data securely transferred to clients’ enterprise systems according to clients’ protocol preferences.

The Document Automation Factory includes the ability to track progress along the way. Our Document Control System (DCS) is a cloud-based dashboard that allows FileSolve clients to track the progress of their data’s conversion online from pick-up to final disposition. Auditing and reporting are also available. Plus, the system shows who’s touched the document at every step.

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