Digital Mailroom – Automation, Processing & Outsourcing

How much time have you given to thinking about the efficacy of your company’s mailroom? At FileSolve, our experience and expertise has shown that it can be so much more than a place where information is sorted and routed! It is often the first step in your company’s data workflow. The faster and more efficiently this workflow starts, the faster it finishes and converts to bottom-line revenue dollars.

Unless you’re in the business of processing mail, consider outsourcing to FileSolve. It’s our job to perform this function better and faster. We don’t stop at effectively handling your paper and converting it to an electronic image. We automatically extract critical operating data in real time and send it directly to your systems, eliminating the need for you to both pay for manual key-entry labor and deal with the headaches of manual key errors – and the additional work they create.

FileSolve’s mailroom expertise includes processing and extracting data from:

  • Insurance Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms and payments
  • Patient payments and remittance forms
  • Case management forms and participant correspondence
  • Vendor invoices
  • Retail lockbox remittance payments

At FileSolve, we believe that simply having information isn’t as valuable as being able to use that information – for yourself, your team and your business – to better enable process workflow. Our solutions make a real difference – a difference that creates tangible results.