Business Process Consulting, Analysis & Management

People. Processes. Technology. Those three things can make any business sing – when they work in concert. A perfect mixture of all of them is the goal of every business and every decision-maker. When it comes to entertaining the idea of implementing a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system in your business, then, it’s inevitable to start contemplating the myriad ways it might lead to disruption. That’s where we come in.

It’s hard to improve a process when you’re too close to it. That’s why businesses look to FileSolve to help them eliminate labor and resource intensive document activity. We provide process discovery, documentation, project management and end-user training so that your organization can save time and money. We believe in our solutions and we know you will, too.

The number one reason why companies fail at implementing ECM solutions on their own is because they cannot stop their business to assess, reengineer, and implement their solutions. We have the knowledge and expertise to discover, document, and make recommendations on automating your processes. We do the all the hard work for you.

We also have software trainers to help you train your staff when you implement your new technology. We can train the end users directly or we can train your trainers so that they can deliver the same quality of classes that we can deliver. Sounds good, right? You see, we feel most successful when we’ve helped our clients find ways to work more efficiently, thereby maximizing their employee’s productivity and streamlining process workflow.

There are two primary questions people have when it comes to Enterprise Content Management. Those queries are, “How do I know if we’re ready?” and “How can I implement a system without slowing down my workforce?” The answers lie in partnering with a company that offers the advice, the technology and the training to help you get to the next level. So – from consulting services to training technology, we have you covered.

We can help you find the absolute best way.