If you’ve watched television at all over the last few years, you’ve noticed the proliferation of commercials produced on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. The industry is booming, which is a great thing for both companies and patients.

In this industry in particular, along with growth comes increased scrutiny. So, in addition to managing the exponential increase of information, there’s a concerted effort to adhere to strong regulations. Making sure that all information is safely stored, backed up, accessible and useable are the key elements to a successful workflow.

Letting FileSolve help you manage your information is the perfect prescription in these heady times. Departments as diverse as Human Resources, Research and Development and even Accounting can all benefit from our solutions.

A partial list of the types of information that companies deal with includes:

  • Patent forms /application
  • Bills of lading
  • Product registration
  • FDA approval forms
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable / Billing
  • Vendor contracts
  • Employee reviews
  • Internal memos
  • Shipping delivery forms

The list goes on. FileSolve understands that dealing with paperwork and other documents – both physical and electronic – may be a necessary task within your job, but it’s not what excites you. It’s not what gets you out of bed in the morning. And in this industry in particular, it’s not the stuff that changes the world.

Let FileSolve change the way you work. We’ll let you change the world.