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FileSolve is the multi-service solution for businesses that want to stay on track. We provide our customers with a variety of methods that consolidate, organize and enhance the process of filing documents.

After being in business for over a dozen years, we have expanded into twenty-four facilities across ten states and have serviced at least 2,000 customer accounts – with many customers in Greensboro, North Carolina. In this area, we have a history assisting businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies with their specific records management needs.

One of our many areas of specialty is file scanning. This is the best solution for companies overrun by stacks of files that are plaguing work productivity. Our team quickly begins scanning documents and integrating them into a records management system. We ensure that every document is indexed and is easy to find. With important materials organized and securely stored in a software system, customers then have the option to utilize our shredding services.

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As the stacks of files virtually disappear before our customers? eyes, they wonder how they ever functioned with so much excessive paperwork.

FileSolve is the number one document management company in the greater Greensboro area for moving services as well. Customers can trust our experienced team to provide relief during hectic relocations. Files and documents remain in order and unaffected during every move. Often times, customers use relocations as a reason to update their filing system. This is a great time for us to index records and convert them into one of our electronic tracking systems.

We also offer barcode tracking or Radio-Frequency Identification to ensure that no file will ever be misplaced or lost in the future.

An improved file management system may not seem like a priority for every business. However, once executives and administrators start thinking about all of the time and money they could save with an organized, electronic file system, the need suddenly becomes urgent.

Greensboro professionals are only a phone call away from talking with our team about solutions that will drastically improve their workflow.

717 Green Valley Road
Suite 200
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 544 7629