If you have a problem with files, we can help.

With any type of business comes a significant amount of paperwork. Documents, files, records – call them what you like – they take up a space and can become disorganized. When that paperwork and the resulting files become problematic, FileSolve is ready to help. We look at your file problems from every angle and provide workable solutions to help make them more manageable. In short, we solve the problems that files create.

Customized Document Management

We understand that you can’t solve file problems with a one-size-fits-all solution. The files and data you use to drive your business won’t be the same as the company’s across the street, so your document management solution will not be the same either. Whether it’s a digital storage solution or something more tangible, we can help create a custom management solution.

In addition to our custom solutions, we also offer all of our services as stand-alone services. For example, if you simply need document imaging services and nothing else, we are glad to help.

More Than Just Files

At FileSolve, we handle filing headaches of all kinds. We can help you manage and maintain your crucial information in an organized, logical fashion. Our comprehensive records management services include:

  • Document Scanning
  • Moves and Conversions
  • Active File Management
  • Tracking
  • Secure Shredding
  • Consulting
  • Filing Supplies
  • Off-Site Storage
  • Software
  • Asset Tracking




If you are ready to stop the madness that comes from out of control paperwork, call FileSolve. We Serve the entire Southeast and Midwest United States from our Operation Centers located in Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and Roanoke, Virginia. We will analyze your situation, and create a custom solution that will make you wonder how you ever managed it the old way. With just one phone call, your file problems could be gone for good.

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